Company profile
Zhejiang Jingjia Medical Technology Co., LTD (Used name:Hangzhou Gallop Biological Products Co., Ltd) was established in July 1995 and was founded by Hong Kong Taiwei Investment Co., Ltd. It is a national high-tech that integrates research, development, manufacturing and sales of biomedical materials enterprise. We adhere to the core values ​​of "Struggle-oriented" and the quality concept of "responsibility first, quality first", committed to become an internationally renowned and domestic leading supplier of biomaterials and medical products. We started production and sales of sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) series products in May 1996, involving surgical adhesion formation, ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, viscoelastic solution for osteoarthritis and minimally invasive plastic filling materials, etc. We are one of the earliest international manufacturers in the sodium material and device industry with the most extensive clinical application and the most complete range of technologies.
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    The company is 25 years old
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    Products are exported to more than 40 countries
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    Patent certificate
Corporate culture
Enterprise mission
To build a leading domestic and internationally renowned biotechnology enterprise successfully.
Enterprise objectives
1. Become famous provider of biological materials and medical products 2. Became a listed company
Enterprise Core values
Based on the strivers
Enterprise philosophy
Customer-oriented, execution oriented, results oriented, awe oriented,
Enterprise Management Concept
System first, general manager second Management is the coach, not the referee Deliberate unevenness in favour of contributors
Enterprise team label
Loyalty, Professionalism, Sharing, Positive energy
Enterprise talent philosophy
Take strivers as the foundation, advocating technology "Strivers" are the core assets of a company
Enterprise Quality Concept
Responsibility first, quality first, strict manufacturing, continuous improvement to customer satisfaction. Quality comes from design, more from production
Development history
In July 1995, Zhejiang Jingjia Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established;
In 2007,it successfully passed ISO9001/IS013485 quality system certification;
In 2008, it was awarded as new and high technology enterprise of Zhejiang province;
In 2008, the Hairont medical sodium hyaluronate gel got the CE certificate of the European Union, becoming the first manufacturer in China which is allowed to export medical sodium hyaluronate gel to the European Union;
In June 2011, the company was rated as the star of the growth in Zhejiang province;
In December 2015, it was rated as "Small Enterprise Upgrade to Scale Enterprises" star of entrepreneurial enterprises in zhejiang province;
In January 2017,it becomed the fourth national enterprise to pass the iso13485-2016 new quality system certification;
In December 2017, it was selected as the most growth-oriented enterprise in Hangzhou;
In June 2018, it has passed the MDSAP certification of British standard institute (BSI), and become the first sodium hyaluronate manufacturer in China to pass the certification;
In November 2018, the Hairont medical sodium hyaluronate gel was selected as the famous product of Hangzhou.
In February 2019, it was rated as outstanding foreign trade enterprise in Hangzhou xihu district.
In December 2019, it was rated patent pilot enterprise in Hangzhou city.
Future planning
In order to meet the needs of rapid development of company, company plans to build a new pharmaceutical production base in zhihuiyuan, beicheng, gongshu district, with a total area of about 24 Acre-feet. Upon completion of the base, it will reach: the annual output of class III medical device manufacturing workshop is 10 million pieces of sodium hyaluronate gel for medical use (cross-linking), and the annual output of class I medical device manufacturing workshop is 10 million pieces of cold compress/tablet for medical use. Meanwhile, the production workshop of class II medical devices is reserved for the production of balloon and wound dressing. The base also includes medical device r&d pilot plant, drug production plant (reserved), quality control center, logistics center and so on. At present, land acquisition, preliminary design and key equipment selection have been completed, and construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. Secondly, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of core raw material supply guarantee, establish complete industrial chain, the company controlling shareholder investment in new district of hangzhou qiantang river area construction of sodium hyaluronate raw materials production base, with a total area of about 85 mu, mainly for medical grade food grade sodium hyaluronate and cosmetics raw materials and cosmetics (hyaluronic acid mask and concentrate, etc.) of production, planning with an annual output of 500 kg of medical grade sodium hyaluronate raw materials, cosmetics, food grade sodium hyaluronate 120 tons of raw materials, related medical sodium hyaluronate gel preparation for the company product supply high quality raw material for sodium hyaluronate.
  • R & D Pilot Plant
  • Pharmaceutical workshop
  • Quality Control Center
Qualification and honor
Talent recruitment join us
Nowadays the international society is a society full of competition, especially for high-tech enterprises. Whether an enterprise can win in the competition depends on the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. And talent is the most valuable wealth in the enterprise, the enterprise comprehensive strength competition, in the final analysis is the competition for talent. Who has the first-class talent, who will be in an invincible position in the competition. But must have the talented person, must first form the value talented person's good atmosphere in the enterprise. Based on the strategic guiding ideology of "people-oriented" , the company has designed a human resource management concept with the characteristics of "present" corporate culture, the aim is to find talent, absorb talent, shape talent, develop talent to build a broad stage for enterprises and talent to grow together to cultivate a spiritual home.
  • RD Technician
    JobType: WorkAddr:Hangzhou PubDate:1 ReqNum:
    Job requirements:
    1. Polymer materials, organic / applied / analytical chemistry, biomedical materials, pharmacy and related majors;
    2. Master the relevant professional theoretical knowledge, and have strong experimental ability;
    3. Have a certain understanding of the synthesis, modification, analysis and application of polymer materials;
    4. Have good technical scheme design ability and data query ability;
    5. Be honest and trustworthy, rigorous and down-to-earth; have excellent team spirit and communication skills;
    6. CET-4 adn above, working experience is preferred.
    Job description:
    1. Research and development of medical polymer materials and products;
    2. Raw material screening, structure design, preparation technology research and technical requirements formulation of the product;
    3. Preparation of technical documents, such as raw and auxiliary material standards, process procedures, inspection procedures and product related literature data collection, collation and analysis;
    4. Design conversion, convert R & D process to production process, and complete batch sample trial production and process validation;
    5. Assist in the registration test, biological evaluation, clinical trial and registration application.
    Job responsibilities:
    Contact number: (Miss zhang):
  • Production Team Leader
    JobType: WorkAddr:Hangzhou PubDate:10人 ReqNum:
    Job requirements:
    1. Technical secondary school degree or above, suitable for the production environment of three kinds of medical devices, experience in aseptic workshop is preferred
    2. Have good team spirit and communication skills, love learning and bear hardships and stand hard work.
    Job description:
    1. According to the production plan and instructions, organize the team members to complete the production tasks on time with high quality and high quantity;
    2. Responsible for on-site supervision and management of positions under my jurisdiction and personnel training;
    Job responsibilities:
    Contact number: (Miss zhang):