HAFILLER®,Beauty Makes You Better

High pace and overload are the norm of today's society, one day you look at the mirror and suddenly find the first line of wrinkles in your face, you will lament deeply that time and tide wait for no man, A wrinkle is a disaster.
In the face of the disaster, some people lose vigor and vitality, but more people refuse to depression refuse to wrinkles, choose plastic to remove wrinkles in order to make them look younger and vital, and also to let themself be more relaxed and confident, with a positive mental attitude and sweep the haze brought by the wrinkles, finally ,go back to healthy way of life .HAfiller™,Beauty Makes You Better. Fight for beauty fight for confidence fight for healthy way of life and the war never ends.


3000 BC, Ancient Egypt recorded the recipe that acidic materials could change skin in pharmacopoeia, At that time, the doctors believed that it can rejuvenate humans.
100 BC, the Egyptian Cleopatra bathed with honey and donkey milk(also to be goat's milk)to keep their skin smooth. This beauty secret spread so far….
In 1406,using cream of trotters rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen protein to remove wrinkles externally was recorded in Puji Formula edited by the Ming prince King Ding Zhou.
In 1889,Phytosome Paste, invented by American lady Margaret Kroesen, later evolved into today's Frownies Beauty Series, inspired a category of anti-aging beauty products.
In 1934,Ophthalmology professor Karl Meyer and John palmer of Columbia University abstracted polysaccharides(also called hyaluronic acid)from the bovine eye vitreous. By far, Hyaluronic acid is one of the best moisturizers and has been widely used for a variety of moisturizing skin care products
In 1977,injectable collagen was first applied to facial wrinkle removal and plastic.
In 1981,injectable collagen was approves by FAD.
In 1986 ,botulinum toxin was first discovered the role of wrinkle removal by the Canadian Ophthalmology professor.
In 1990,laser came into the stage of anti-aging for the first time, which had obvious effect in removing mild smile lines and crow's feet.
In 1995 Hangzhou Gallop Biological Products Co, Ltd was established.
In 2002,Botox had got the approval to enter the market for wrinkle treatment after more than 13 years of examine.
In 2003, HAfiller™ hyaluronic acid injectable products had gained FDA approval to enter U.S. market for wrinkle treatment.
In 2005, wrinkle removal injection approached clinical application in the Departments of Dermatology, Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital; Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital; Departments of Dermatology, Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine.
On July 1st 2008, Hafiller™gained the " technological innovation fund for middle and small enterprises " from the ministry of science and technology of china "
In 2009 HAFILLER™ wrinkle removal injection Obtained CE certificate, began to enter the international market.

In 2011, We began to carry out "HAfiller™ In World" strategy. HAfiller™ has registered successively in EU ,Korea, Brazil ,Iran ,Columbia ,etc and is the process of registering in Thailand, Italy, Argentina, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Germany, Venezuela . Total sales reached 500000.(1ml),achieved good clinical result, no serious adverse reactions until now

HA gel anti-wrinkle injection has been the new fashion since its admission by FDA on Dec,2003, making itself the pioneer of beauty industry. In the "2008 World Plastic Ranking of American Forbes", HA gel anti-wrinkle injection was the Top 2. Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel class dermal filler has already become the "golden standard" of the modern medical plastic surgery dermal filler all over the world.