Before you have a HAfiller treatment, it is important to be well informed and familiar with the procedure and the results you can expect. A selection of the most common questions follows. Print all Show all

Q: How is natural HA degraded in the body?
A: Free radicals cause breaks that release HA chains

Q: Hyaluronidases on and in cells degrade the released HA chains
A: Small segments can leave the body with urine

Q: How is HAFiller™ gel degraded in the body?
A: Once chains have been released they follow the same pathway as natural HA

Q: Can the body degrade the large amount of HAfiller-gel that is injected for body treatment?
A: Yes! The amount of HA that is degraded and eliminated each day from the implant is negligible compared to what is normally degraded in the body

Q: What about BDDE?
A: The level of residual BDDE is very low in the final product. The dose is below what is considered safe by guidelines.