Become the first brand of global medical plastic filling restorative materials

Core values:
People oriented   respect knowledge and intellectuals
Fast  professional  convenient
self-examine   strict with oneself and lenient towards others

enterprise spirit:
serious work,  practical man
Seriously in order to qualified  diligently can be excellent

Quality policy:
Full participation, manufacture first-class quality
Continuous improvement ,make customer satisfied

Quantitative check:
1 .Pursue efficiency,   first things first   strengthen week plan
2. implement first  initiative to reply complete within 2 hours
3. mutual respect   create humanized atmosphere   strict about things   3 errors knock-out system
4. both ability and integrity   good attitude   one –vote-negation system
Environmental policy :
Devote ourselves to harmonious coexistence with environment , sustainable development.
Security policy :
People oriented,   according to